The London Clinic offering ‘nerve-sparing’ prostate procedure

Men with suspected prostate cancer can undergo a new robotic prostatectomy procedure at Harley Street’s The London Clinic (TLC).

ClinicSafe, an MRI- guided technique, involves removing and freezing the prostate so that a sample can be tested for cancer.  

If cancer is detected, nerves which control the blood supply to the penis are removed – but if cancer is not found, the nerves are protected in order to maintain erectile function after surgery.

In total, 31 procedures have been carried out using ClinicSafe at TLC, while the NHS is testing the procedure in a two-year trial with 600 patients.

Senthil Nathan, consultant urological and robotic surgeon, said: ‘Robot assisted radical prostatectomy is one of the most successful treatment options for patients with intermediate, or aggressive cancer of the prostate.

‘We have devised ClinicSafe, which is an MRI guided procedure to improve the accuracy of detecting exactly where the cancer is, in proximity to the nerves.

‘With this new technology only three out of 31 men required partial removal of the nerves on one side, as opposed to sacrificing the nerves on both sides,’ Nathan added.