VitalityHealth launches comprehensive mental health option

Vitality launches optional mental health cover

VitalityHealth has launched a comprehensive mental health package for members, which provides cover for both outpatient and inpatient therapies.

The optional Mental Health Cover module gives PMI subscribers access to talking therapies such as CBT and counselling, as well as 28 days of more comprehensive inpatient or day-patient treatment. In addition, members can access to an additional £1,500 for outpatient treatment, such as consultations with a psychologist.

VitalityHealth launched mental health cover as part of its core cover product in 2016. Since then, the insurer has made a number of enhancements, including the addition of Vitality Healthy Mind, which offers members free and discounted access to a range of mental health apps and encourages them to engage in healthy mindfulness activities.

VitalityHealth CEO Neville Koopowitz said: ‘Our experience and research has shown us that physical and mental health and wellbeing are interlinked. We also know that good mental health is about more than the treatment of ill-health, it also requires a focus on general wellbeing and encouraging healthy behaviours.

‘We have invested in a range of pathways and treatments for our members, to cater for the broad range of risk – from the ability for people to proactively engage in healthy mental wellbeing activities through Vitality Healthy Mind, and early intervention and treatment through CBT and counselling, through to more comprehensive inpatient support for the most severe conditions. In so doing, we believe that VitalityHealth are offering the most holistic mental health and wellbeing solution in the market.’