47 500 medical tourists visited Bulgaria

For 2016 the number of medical tourists to Bulgaria was 47,500, claims the ministry of tourism.

For 2016, the number of medical tourists to Bulgaria was 47,500, claims the ministry of tourism.

The ministry says that there is much more potential for development and to attract medical tourists to Bulgaria. It sees medical tourism as a niche that can complement the summer and winter holiday tourism. A goal of the ministry is to make Bulgaria a year-round tourist destination, and to promote health and medical tourism.

The Bulgarian government has made tourism a national priority and seeks to attract overseas investors due to its financial stability and legal framework, fostering large investors. Bulgaria’s advantages include the 10% corporate tax rate and the 10% income tax rate.

There are 30 proposed Bulgarian investment projects in tourism, developed by the ministry of tourism. This includes a swimming and spa complex in the seaside town of Varna, the development of balneotherapy tourism at Silven Mineral Baths and the seaside resort of Burgas, turning the Stara Zagora Mineral Baths and the Stara Zagora Mineral Baths into modern spa resorts, building a balneotherapy centre in Zlatograd, turning two baths in Sofia into spa and rehabilitation complexes, building the St, Ivan Rliski medical care and balneotherapy complex in Kyustendii. They all need international investors.