A World Medical City in Pakistan?

A group of overseas Pakistanis in the USA have suggested establishing a state-of-the-art World Medical City in Karachi.

According to the concept presented by the Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRP) of Washington DC, the city will be spread across an area of more than two miles to help not just the local population but people from the greater Asia continent to seek treatment at comparatively low cost.

This is the type of holistic, large-scale investment that Pakistan desperately requires. The group believe that foreign investment in the city, along with the introduction of medical tourism to the country will help counter depleting foreign reserves and generate jobs for locals. The project may also encourage others investing in the medical field to look into Pakistan as a huge potential market.

A medical city could also encourage overseas Pakistanis and others living abroad to send their children to medical schools within Pakistan.

Significant challenges remain.  Pakistan still needs to revamp its local healthcare sector, as access to proper healthcare is already a problem with many not being able to afford treatment.