Airlines promote digital travel passes

Once borders reopen, travel is going to look very different, with customers’ health data needing to be verified at check-in. A number of different digital travel passes have been developed by the global airline industry, all with the aim of helping their customers to seamlessly manage digital travel documentation throughout their travel experience.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has created a Travel Pass designed to make travel easier for passengers in the current global situation, where information can be out of date or inconclusive.

Air New Zealand is the latest carrier to sign up to trial the new app, starting on its Auckland-Sydney route in April. With constantly changing entry and departure testing and paperwork requirements, Air New Zealand wants to streamline the health verification process to help customers know what they need to take their next international trip safely. Etihad and Emirates, the national carriers of the UAE, plus Qatar Airways are already trialling the app, which is expected to be free to download.

American Airlines has also made its mobile health passport service VeriFLY available on all its departures from the U.S. to Canada, the UK, Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Previously, VeriFLY was only functional for U.S. departures on flights from Miami to select Latin American and Caribbean destinations.

The app enables American Airlines customers to enter Covid-19 test results ahead of arriving at the airport. The results are then verified manually, and the app displays a pass or fail message. Customers who display the pass message from VeriFLY have a streamlined document-check process at the departure airport.

The app is available for verifying test results on all American flights headed into the USA. British Airways customers also have access to the app on flights from London to the USA.