Bahrain health facilities receive Canadian certification

Two hospitals, Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) and the Psychiatric Hospital, and all twenty-two primary healthcare clinics owned by the Bahrain government have received an Accreditation Canada international certification. The accreditation exercise is part of implementing and fulfilling Bahrain’s Vision 2030.

Vision 2030, the official plan for Bahrain’s economic future, demands that the government invests increasing amounts in healthcare to bring the kingdom up to international standards. Bahrain wants to become a regional centre for medical tourism. The country is looking to use its reputation as a Gulf leader in medical education to bolster its credentials as a medical tourism destination. The use of international accreditors is seen as part of the process of improving quality.

The Ithmaar Development Company is progressing a health and real estate development on reclaimed land dedicated exclusively to promoting and enhancing the kingdom’s health and well-being. The manmade island is Dilmunia at Bahrain. Reclamation work on the $1.6 billion island was completed last May, and a new island was added to the shores of Bahrain.

IDC’s Mohamed Khalil Alsayed explains, “Dilmunia at Bahrain is a development positioning itself as a global leader in the promotion and enhancement of health and well-being. It aims to enrich Bahrain’s tourism offerings. Dilmunia will be the destination for harried citizens of the Middle East and the world, in search of an environment that strives to prevent illness and only a few minutes away from Bahrain International Airport. It will promote healthy and active living through a combination of beautifully landscaped serene surroundings, health-oriented leisure amenities and world-class conventional, aesthetic and alternative medical facilities.

Inspired by ancient Dilmun, widely believed to be the Garden of Eden, the Dilmunia at Bahrain Island will be a lush green oasis. The island will include three five-star hotels offering alternative therapeutic services and a four-star hotel, in addition to the island’s anchor theme; the central health and wellness cluster in Dilmunia Health District. It will be a mix of residential, hospitality, leisure and commercial developments, surrounding a core of comprehensive health and wellness amenities, which will together offer an alternative balanced perspective towards life and living. IDC has signed agreements with a prestigious international hotel chain and is now finalising negotiations with a partner on the Dilmunia Health District that will include specialist clinics, hospitals, spas and other wellness facilities including treatment options through alternative medicine, physical therapy, as well as through diagnostic tests, dietary control and conditioning for the body, mind and soul.