Bavarian health and wellness tourism flourishing

New products and new ideas mean that Bavarian health and spa resorts have been adding value to their offerings.

Wellness tourism in Bavaria is an important economic factor and brings in annual revenue of 4.5 billion euros. According to the study, spas account for 58% of local tourism revenue.

Klaus Holetschek of the Bavarian Association of Spas comments: “We can appeal to more people who are willing to do something for their health and spend money on it. We have completely reorganized ourselves and developed into modern health care centres in rural areas.”

Lanserhof has built 3 medi-spas in Bavaria and by the end of January 2017, a new building and seawater pool will be added to the Lanserhof Lans.

The independent Spa Hotel Guide RELAX Guide annually rates 1,300 German hotels in the categories wellness, health and spa and conducts detailed hotel reviews. Lanserhof Tegernsee was reviewed by mystery shoppers and received the highest rating of 4 lilies and 20 points. These spas are examples of how Bavaria has updated it offering to the modern traveller.