China investment builds Tanzania’s medical travel sector

Tanzania’s plans to become a medical tourism destination are slowly but surely becoming a reality. The government has agreed the expansion of the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiovascular Institute (JKCI) in Dar es Salaam. The building will be constructed under a joint venture between Tanzanian and China governments, where they will share the construction cost of the project.

Envisioned to be the centre of excellence in East Africa and Sub- Saharan Africa, JKCI will be able to scale up cardiovascular treatments.

The new planned facility will ease access to heart treatment to local patients but also extend services to patients from neighbouring countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and Comoros.

The new facility at Mloganzila will include a special wing for children, which will have a capacity of between 280 and 350 beds, up from 128 beds in the current JKCI building within the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH).

Apart from the extension of the cardiac institute, Tanzania has requested China to support it improve its capability in manufacturing of medicines, medical equipment and training of personnel.

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