CloudHospital launches cross-border telemedicine service

CloudHospital Inc, based in Seoul, South Korea, has launched a proprietary telemedicine service with access to doctors in all major specialties, as well as general medicine and cosmetics surgery. It promises to deliver cross-border healthcare solutions from Korea via live video conferencing.

CloudHospital represents 300 hospitals and clinics plus 3,000 doctors from South Korea, India, Turkey, Thailand, UAE, Spain, Israel, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Singapore, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, and the USA.

Patients can browse and book online with dedicated support from CloudHospital’s staff. A video conferencing system provides ease of use and high definition visuals to assist the telemedicine process.

CloudHospital says its platform can help ease the bottlenecks at hospitals and clinics, with telemedicine technology that delivers quality primary and secondary health care to the global population.