Czech Republic promotes medical travel sector

Visit Czech Republic is again promoting medical tourism, medical spas plus wellness and hotel spas. The target is most European countries. For medical tourism, the tourism authority is promoting bariatric surgery, cardiology, dentistry, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, diagnostics and medical check-ups.

The Czech Republic has very strict accreditation requirements for healthcare facilities, whether state-operated or private. Clinics and hospitals undergo regular inspections.

Only accredited healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic are allowed to admit foreign clients and provide care, from initial consultation, through the procedure itself, to the discharge report and subsequent checks. Visit Czech Republic only promotes named accredited healthcare facilities.

The accreditation requires top-quality medical care, in addition to being prepared for a range of specific situations. The facility must have a trained staff able to fluently communicate in foreign languages, it must have a clear pricing structure, and it must be able to provide clients with supplemental and premium services. It is typical for such facilities to cooperate with an agency based in the Czech Republic, which acts as a liaison and arranges all supplemental and premium services for the client.

48 private and state health-care facilities have undergone an assessment of the standard and quality of services offered.

Visit Czech Republic only promotes 12 named and approved medical travel agencies.