Mexico: 16 Health Tourism Seals awarded

Cancun beach during summer

Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) has awarded Health Tourism Seals to 16 tourism service providers who have successfully implemented and complied with the government’s Quality Standard for Specialised Segments.

The Health Tourism Seal recognises companies working in or with the medical sector, who understand the needs of medical and health tourists, including addressing aspects of communication, facilities, transparency of products and services, as well as education.

The Seal is aimed at hospitals, clinics, spas, relaxation centres, hotels, and travel agencies that meet the basic minimum quality requirements of the standard. To obtain it, the consultants accredited by Sectur carry out an evaluation visit.

The 16 winners who received the 2023 Health Tourism Seal are:

  • Aquarium Puerto de Veracruz.
  • Hotel Villa las Margaritas Centro.
  • Hotel Villa las Margaritas Cristal.
  • Hotel Villa las Margaritas Caxa.
  • Hotel Coral Blue, Sylvia María.
  • Gemmas Wellness Residences & Spa, Sylvia María.
  • Mega Salud.
  • Andrés Bello Margalef.
  • Tourism of High Medical Specialty Mexico.
  • Chihuahua Bárbaro.
  • Casa de la Luna Hotel & Spa Ceremonial and Cultural Centre.
  • Hotel Mansión de los Arcos.
  • Denisse Clinic.
  • Rachell Chocolats.
  • Institute of Existential Analysis and Logotherapy of Chihuahua.
  • West Point Physical Therapy Centre Mexico.

Among the promoted benefits provided by having the Health Tourism Seal are increased competitiveness, federal recognition, likely increase in sales, and the incorporation into health tourism clusters.