Dominican Republic targets US medical tourists

The Dominican Republic has extended free medical insurance to tourists until June 12 and may extend it again after that.

Dental and cosmetic surgery tourism especially for cosmetic dental treatments is also being promoted, as more Americans are vaccinated and allowed to travel.

The Dominican Republic is the only tourist destination in the world that guarantees that every tourist who arrives in the country by air and stays in a hotel, will be granted an assistance plan with coverage of medical emergencies, including Covid-19, medications in combination with hospitalisation, emergency medical transportation, hotel expenses due to hospitalisation, flight change expenses due to medical emergencies and legal assistance, among other cover.

The Safe Tourism Plan is a joint effort between the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the Reserve Bank and is at no cost to tourists visiting the Dominican Republic. The intention of the plan has been, from the beginning, to minimise the effects of the pandemic and promote a responsible recovery that prioritises health.

The Dominican Republic is welcoming back foreign visitors and seeking Spanish investors for new tourist developments.