Croatian dental prices compare well with other European countries

Based on research of prices for several selected dental treatments (implants, crowns, veneers, dentures and teeth whitening) in the UK, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, the research says that Croatian dentists charge significantly less than their European colleagues. Among selected countries the UK was convincingly most expensive where prices of some treatments are even 73% higher than in Croatia. By highest dental prices, the UK is followed by Italy, Slovenia and Germany. It was a surprise to find out that prices in neighbouring Slovenia are often double than those of dentists in Zagreb.

For a single tooth implant you could pay 1,800 EUR in the UK, 1,300 EUR in Italian and Slovenian dental clinics, about 1,000 EUR in Germany, while the standard price for a dental implant in Croatia is no more than 800 EUR.

Although other price comparisons for dental work have been done, pricing of dental work and other factors have seen much recent change. CroMedicor surveyed up to 10 dental clinics in the UK, Germany, Italy and Slovenia and noted their prices of individual treatments; so the small sample size means the comparisons are more a guide than statistically accurate.

German dental prices are assumed to be high, but the survey found that Germany’s average dental prices are amongst the lowest in the EU, but still considerably more than in Croatia.