Egypt aims to establish first integrated city for Alzheimer’s patients

The proposed city in Fayoum, 62 miles south of Cairo, adopts the principle of comprehensive, long-term care, psychologically, socially, environmentally, and medically. It will be the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East, and it will serve as a therapeutic destination for medical tourism in the governorate.

Land plots owned by the state will be bought in coordination with the authorities to inspect them on the ground and choose the most appropriate plot to establish the project.

The Governor of Fayoum has instructed the Al-Baqyat Al-Salihat Association to prepare a study on the project, which includes the general plan, the timelines for the construction, and the benefit it will accrue to the people of the governorate and the rest of the governorates of Egypt.

Egypt plans to form a  government committee that will lead the development of medical tourism, including doctors, hospitals, tourism services and the cost of treatment.