Estonia medical spa boost

The first week of November was a successful one for medical spas in Ida-Viru County, Estonia as the number of Russian tourists was up, largely stemming from a “non-working” week imposed in Moscow, where only essential workers in the Russian capital were permitted to work.

Many Russians used the non-working week time to travel, some visiting spas in Estonia. Many countries are either closed to Russian health and medical tourists or not accepting the Sputnik vaccine process, so where they could go was limited.

Narva-Jõesuu Medical Spa in Estonia saw a return of Russian customers, but their numbers are much down compared to pre-coronavirus times. 125 Russian tourists visited the medical spa in Narva-Jõesuu in the first week of November. Toila SPA, which usually sees 60-70 tourists a day, saw half that number in the first week of November.

It is the Russian border and not the Estonian border, which limits people. Russia only lets people out for medical reasons, which includes visits to a medical spa for treatment.

While Estonia is keeping borders open for vaccinated tourists, Russian citizens can only exit the country by ship or plane as crossing the land border requires a good reason, such as medical treatment. Estonian medical spas are a window, allowing tourists travel for medical reasons.