First R&D app for Turkey’s medical tourism

The Export Promotion Centre (IGEME), positioned as the leading company of Turkish health tourism, has launched a research and development (R&D) app for health and medical tourism. It is looking to help accelerate innovation in medical tourism in Turkey.

Linked to an R&D centre of İGEME, the aim is to produce different and more innovative approaches than before.

The centre recognises that interdisciplinary work has become a necessity, to make the ecosystem that includes the health sector effective and suitable for innovation. The R&D centre, which will be established after the app, is aimed at increasing the efficiency and quality of the services provided to the patient in the hospital.

The app will help track and implement:

  • The use of digital advertising channels.
  • Scientific target market analyses abroad.
  • Determining the branches, costs and processes of health services demanded in market research and target geographies.
  • The treatment and amount covered in Turkey.
  • Turkish software for provision of information and solutions for hospitals and agencies.

At the same time, within the framework of the protection of personal data, it aims to establish a system to allow an effective time plan of treatment for the medical traveller, by making the data storage effective in terms of data processing and treatment processes.

When the R&D centre and app is established, it will be the first time in Turkey that information is shared and communicated across all key medical tourism stakeholders, including insurance companies, non-governmental organisations, health tourism agencies, tourism agencies, consultancy companies, and doctors.