Germany: International healthcare accreditation moves forward

Temos has expanded its telemedicine portfolio with new tele-care, tele-clinic and tele-monitoring services. St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City and St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City are the first Temos certified hospitals in the Philippines. For 6 days the Temos surveyors visited the hospitals and found very well managed hospitals with highly motivated staff, an outstanding technical infrastructure, and a high level of quality in medical and non-medical services as well as in research activities. Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz in Sao Paulo, Brazil has had a successful Temos re-certification. For 3 days the Temos surveyors visited the hospital and found a very well managed hospital with a high level of quality in medical and non-medical services as well as in its research activities.

Temos has started the training of two regional collaboration partners and their teams to serve hospitals, dental clinics, practices and clients in Eastern Europe and the regions Cyprus and Greece. Dr. Claudia Mika of Temos trained 10 Temos assessors in Athens, for their assignment in Cyprus and Greece. All are medical doctors and/or quality experts in the health system and completed the training successfully. Together with its partner for Greece and Cyprus, Angeliki Katsapi, it will set up a new office in Cyprus in early 2011 to support, inspect and certify hospitals and dental clinics in Cyprus and Greece.

A partnership agreement has been signed between Levent Baş and Temos so that he becomes Temos regional manager for Turkey. Another partnership making Dr. Marijan Gjukic the Temos representative for Croatia and neighbouring countries has been signed. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the Croatian Medical Tourism Association and Temos on cooperation in support of association members in Croatia who intend to attract international patients.

The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has granted deeming authority to DNV Healthcare for critical access hospitals, expanding DNV’s role as the newest provider of hospital accreditation in the USA. DNV Healthcare is a division of Det Norske Veritas (DNV), an independent German foundation with 300 offices in 100 different countries.

Just two years ago DNV became the first new organization in over 40 years to win Medicare deeming authority for the US’s acute care hospitals. With CMS’s latest approval, DNV begins offering a new version of its NIAHO accreditation program designed specifically for critical access hospitals. Yehuda Dror of DNV Healthcare says, “Critical access hospitals are an important part of the national hospital grid. Our quality-based accreditation program embraces ISO quality management standards as a means of improving patient safety and quality of care.”DNV’s NIAHO program – National Integrated Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations – is based on collaboration versus inspection and is the only hospital accreditation program to integrate ISO 9001 quality protocols.

DNV accredited hospitals can now display a web-ready emblem letting staff and the community know that they have quality-driven accreditation. The blue badge signifies adherence with the Medicare Conditions of Participation. The gold emblem affirms additional accomplishment of full compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management system.