Growing inbound health tourism to Costa Rica

As Costa Rica opens its borders, it is eager to bring back the country’s strong tourism industry and welcome international travellers.

Many hotels have established new health and safety protocols. The Ministry of Health, with the support of the Costa Rica Tourism Board, has designed a set of 15 protocols that will ensure the safety of both national and international tourists. The protocols unite the efforts of the public and private sector.

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute is promoting the ‘Wellness Pura Vida’ strategy to position Costa Rica as a place to improve physical and mental health.

Costa Rica has made efforts to position itself as a unique destination to enjoy wellness tourism in the ‘Wellness Pura Vida’ style and, more specifically, reconnection with nature, the search for the essentials, and recharging the batteries. The country believes contributing to improvements in physical and mental health will be attractive for national tourists, as well as for international tourists.

Free courses taught by international wellness tourism experts and consultants are highlighted on the Costa Rican Tourism Institute ‘ICT Capacita’ digital platform. The objective is to generate new business ideas, improve current ones, give advice and recommendations to entrepreneurs interested in this segment of the tourism market.

The courses in English and Spanish include 11 videos with updated information from experts. Content includes the basic principles of wellness, the available wellness resources in Costa Rica, promotion strategies, information on the European and American markets, the design of experiences and products, the maximisation of resources, the systematisation of tasks and the difference between spa and wellness.