Health City opens Cayman’s first sleep laboratory for the Caribbean

Health City Cayman Islands has opened Cayman’s first sleep laboratory aimed at diagnosing and treating people with sleep disorders.

Dr Archita Joshi-Bhatt at HCCI comments, “Although no definite figures are presently available for the Caribbean region, in the last year of our practice here we came across several patients who had high likelihood of sleep disordered breathing, either by itself or co-existing and complicating other medical conditions. Although some home sleep testing facilities are available, patients requiring a more detailed analysis had to travel overseas. We found a burning need to address this deficiency.”

The state-of-art sleep lab set up at Health City is an initiative to provide world-class facilities to diagnose sleep related problems and treat them on the island.

Joshi-Bhatt continues, “This sleep lab will not only help local patients and encourage medical tourism, but also generate research in the field of sleep medicine and give us much needed information on the prevalence of sleep related problems in the Caribbean population.”

Disordered sleep can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health and is best diagnosed within a sleep clinic. Only 10 % of people suffering from sleep disorders receive appropriate treatment.

In the sleep lab patients are monitored overnight by a team of doctors, technicians and nurses. Electrodes are attached to a patient’s head and body and the patient’s brain activity, airflow, eye and muscle reaction is thoroughly evaluated, along with all vitals from blood pressure to oxygen saturation.

The sleep lab will help to treat insomnia, parasomnia and narcolepsy among other sleep disorders.A