Healthcare accreditation, investment and Jamaican government support is lacking

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is still seeking to establish Jamaica as a medical tourism destination but admits there are problems with medical tourism not being promoted within tourism.

The Government of Jamaica has identified medical tourism as one of its potential economic development sectors. In reality, while some Jamaicans living overseas return for dental tourism, only a small number of clinics in the country attract medical tourists.

A variety of reasons have been given about Jamaica’s medical travel sector inertia. The latest suggestion is from accreditation agencies seeking to promote business that a major problem is that no local clinic or hospital has international accreditation.

But the real reasons are a lack of overseas investment and government inertia.

A lack of facilities and lack of investment means that Jamaica is dependent on overseas investors to build new tourism, health tourism and medical tourism facilities. Despite many years of trying JAMPRO has not managed to make much progress.

Underpinning all this is that while local politicians regularly talk up potential, the government continues to be reluctant to spend any money to develop or promote medical tourism.