Iceland’s top medical tourist attraction to list on Nasdaq Iceland

Iceland’s top medical tourist attraction Blue Lagoon has made a decision to begin preparing for the registration of the company on the Nasdaq Iceland Main Market in 2023.

Wellness and spa tourism with elements of medical tourism is the strategy that Iceland now works to after abandoning attempts to promote medical tourism.

Founded in 1992 to unlock the benefits of geothermal seawater, Blue Lagoon Iceland has evolved into a company encompassing transformative spa experiences, research and development, sustainability, culinary enjoyment, a renowned line of skin care, and the convergence of hospitality and wellness.

Owners of the Blue Lagoon include Grímur Sæmundsson, the president and founder of the company, both via his holding companies and in cooperation with a fund in operation by Landsbréf , the company Blávarmi slhf. , owned by fourteen Icelandic pension funds, and Stoðir hf .Together, these parties hold 94% of the shares in the company.

In 2012, the company’s iconic Blue Lagoon was named one of 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic, propelling it into the upper echelons of global travel destinations.

In 2018, the company completed an expansion, opening the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland. The complex features a 62-room luxury hotel, a subterranean spa, a mineral-rich lagoon, and two restaurants. All of Blue Lagoon Iceland’s concerns are powered by sustainable energy.

Blue Lagoon also has a spa facility and a clinic hotel for the treatment of psoriasis.