Indonesia and Malaysia cross-border healthcare

Malaysia’s integrated healthcare company, Selgate, is partnering with Indonesia’s Prixa, a corporate health service management company, for domestic and cross-border medical tourism both ways.

The partnership deal will enable Prixa to provide a full international medical experience for corporations and individuals, via tele-consultation and on-site medical services internationally.

It will enable patients from Indonesia and Malaysia to consult remotely with doctors from both countries.  Patients can be reciprocally referred to either Selgate’s health care provider network in Malaysia or Prixa’s health care provider network in Indonesia.

Prixa is a corporate health service management company that employs a digital technology approach in managing costs for company health benefits. It provides health services that are integrated into one platform, including teleconsultation, laboratory tests, medical check-up services, pharmacy delivery, and vaccinations. It partners with 1,000 health care providers across Indonesia, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Selgate Healthcare is an integrated health care company that operates in the development of new health facilities, mergers, and acquisitions of existing health care providers, strategic partnerships in investment and equity shareholding, and management and administration services of employee health benefits. Selgate Healthcare’s panel healthcare facilities include 2,400 pharmacies, laboratories, and clinics, as well as 249 hospitals in Malaysia.

The collaboration will also offer a treatment package that will help patients from Indonesia who require medical treatment in Malaysia with plane tickets, accommodation, and any necessary doctor appointments and medical treatment.

For Selgate, this collaboration is expected to expand their network and health services beyond Malaysia into other Southeast Asian countries.