Indonesia seeks to accredit more hospitals

Of the 2414 hospitals in Indonesia, only 121 are internationally accredited, says Professor Akmal Taher at the Ministry of Health.
Taher says, “Accreditation is necessary to ensure the quality of hospital services with regard to the patients safety.
By improving the quality of health services, it is expected that people will not have to go overseas to have the required medical treatment.”
Although the number of accredited hospitals is very small as compared to the total number of hospitals in Indonesia, government accreditation granted to a hospital is an acknowledgement of its quality standards.
The accreditation seeks to improve the quality of health services offered to the community as mandated by Law Number 44/2009 on hospitals, according to which accreditation must be done at least every three years.
The Indonesian Commission for Hospital Accreditation (KARS) says that there are 1400 accredited hospitals in Indonesia. KARS is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), so KARS has become a world-class accreditation agency.