Investing in Barbados healthcare

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In a year’s time, the island of Barbados will have a one-stop, 24-hour, multi-purpose urgent care facility, as a result of a US$12 million investment in the expansion of the Bayview Hospital at the St Michael location. The hospital has said it hopes the facility will help to position Barbados as a destination of choice for medical tourism.

Bayview Hospital currently has 22 beds, including a two-bed intensive care unit and three-bed operating theatre.

The investment will offer Barbadians access to a seven-day a week, around-the-clock emergency and accident service, complemented by its own ambulance service, radiology, and diagnostic services.

A 2023 private urgent care facility will seek to cater to as many as 80 patients a day.

The government will review the memorandum of understanding between the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Bayview Hospital to ensure that both institutions, even though one public and one private, can work cooperatively in a small island jurisdiction to be able to access the benefits that pooling can give them in terms of procurement in pharmaceuticals, supplies and equipment.