Israel to allow in vaccinated groups from May

Israel will soon allow in groups of tourists and medical tourists, but they have to be fully vaccinated. The health and tourism ministries say that a limited number of groups will start to arrive in the initial phase of the plan. It is likely to take much longer for inbound health and medical tourism to recover.

The return of foreigners after Israel closed its borders in March 2020 is going to be slow.

The country will start allowing limited entry of vaccinated tourist groups from May 23 as its own inoculation campaign has sharply brought down COVID-19 infections.

At a later stage, group entry will be expanded and individual travellers will also be allowed in, with Israel’s health situation determining the timeline.

All foreign visitors will be required to present a negative PCR test before boarding a flight to Israel, and a serological test to prove their vaccination upon arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Discussions continue with various countries to reach agreements for vaccine-certificate validation, so as to cancel the need for the serological test.

It will take a long time for inbound health and medical tourism to recover as it is not a high priority for the government or local hospitals.