JCI accredits telehealth

Joint Commission International has launched the JCI Telehealth Certification Programme as an extra, only for existing accredited JCI hospitals.

The JCI recognises that patients worldwide began to use telehealth services at much higher rates during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and it remains a key modality of care.   The organisation also recognises that while telehealth has the potential to improve patients’ access to care and help them maintain regular contact with their providers, especially those dealing with chronic health issues, it requires rigour and standardisation to ensure safe and quality care.

JCI Telehealth Certification is an additional recognition awarded to JCI-accredited organisations that provide telehealth services, and is given following an evaluation of policies, procedures, and the implementation of telehealth technologies to deliver patient care.

JCI Telehealth Certification focuses on two key areas:

  • Patient centred standards that emphasise international patient safety goals, patient rights and responsibilities, medication management and access to telehealth services and care.
  • Organisation management standards that emphasise the management of quality data, continuous improvement processes, governance oversight and qualifications, and information systems and equipment management.