Jordan issues visas for patients from restricted countries

The Private Hospitals Association has welcomed the government’s approval of issuing medical visas for patients from restricted countries who prefer to receive treatment in Jordan.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association praised the government’s approval of many more facilities in the granting of free medical visas to patients of unrestricted nationalities. Earlier this year, Dr Al-Hammouri said that one of the most important challenges facing medical tourism and private hospitals in Jordan related to visa access for restricted nationalities.

Visas can be obtained from the Ministry of Interior and the Jordanian diplomatic missions, Jordanian hospitals, airlines, certified transport companies and licensed travel and tourism companies.

The new rules are expected to increase the number of patients from several countries to Jordan to receive treatment. This will, it is hoped, revitalise inbound medical tourism and increase the work-flow for private hospitals and other economic sectors such as airlines, hotels, hotel apartments, restaurants and transportation.

The amended regulations governing the issue of medical treatment visas are now in force.

The new visa is valid for three or six months, allowing several entries for cases that need a follow-up. The visa applies to patients and accompanying people.

Accredited healthcare units in Jordan have to deposit JD10,000 as a bank guarantee to ensure that visa holders depart the country.

The new regulations have introduced, for the first time, a coordination mechanism among the Public Security Department’s borders and residency offices, the office of medical tourism services and Jordanian hospitals who receive patients.

The measures could help increase the number of foreign patients going to Jordan for treatment and help revive the Kingdom’s struggling medical tourism sector.

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