Medical Tourism from Russia: Autumn Survey 2015

Despite the continuing political situation, Medical Tourism from Russia continues to make the news as Russians continue to research and take treatments aboard in major clinics and hospitals around the world. As organisers of the largest Medical Tourism Exhibition in Russia they use the opportunity to find out exactly who are these Russian medical tourists.

With just around 3,000 visitors (3,115) attending the Spring Moscow Medshow, they conducted their fifth major survey into observing the requirements and tendencies of Russian client/patients today. The results continue to show an intriguing insight into this market and are valuable for many organisations either actively marketing or looking to promote their medical tourism services in Russia:-

How many Moscow MedShows have you attended?

As the market continues to grow it is interesting to note that almost 37% were visiting for the first time, however 63% are returning visitors indicating continuing interest and the desire to finalise negotiations or to acquire additional information.

How much do Russians spend on Medical treatment abroad?

A majority of the visitors (58%) indicated that they were prepared to pay between Euro.10,000 & Euro.25,000 which continues to prove the value of this market. A further 39% indicated that their treatments abroad should cost less that Euro.10,000 whilst 3% advised that they expect to pay in excess of Euro.25,000 for their treatment in a foreign destination. This indicates that the total value of the Russian medical tourism market continues to be
valued in excess of Euro.1.- billion!

How soon are Russians looking to have medical treatment made?

65% (+32%) now indicated that they will be travelling abroad within 2-6 months showing that there continue to be potential patients looking to travel relatively soon. As the market is reputedly estimated at 70,000 per year this means that there are 45,000+ Russians planning to travel overseas for treatment within the next 6 months! 11% of those polled indicated that they have chronic conditions and were looking to travel at the earliest opportunity, whilst 23% indicated that they would be travelling in 6 months time.

What treatments are Russians looking for overseas?

37% of the potential patients indicated that they are looking for specific diagnosis and subsequent treatment as required, 21% or approximately 14,700 people indicated that they are looking for Surgery abroad for an diagnosed condition. Cosmetic surgery at 21% increased by 14%, while13% are looking for dental treatment outside Russia. A further 8% expressed their interest in Spa & Preventative medicine.

Why are you looking for medical treatment outside Russia?

More than half those polled (52%) stated that their primary reason was their need for a higher quality of treatment and services, 29% stated that their main reason was to be able to combine treatment and rest/recuperation. A further 14% indicated that they were seeking treatment abroad to save money and 5% as they were unable to obtain
suitable treatment in Russia.

Which countries are of most interest for Russian treatment abroad?

With the economical fallout affecting general budgets two countries with long involvement in the market continue to lead the list, Germany remains top with a staggering 29%(+4%) of the market followed by Israel with 22%(+3%). However other contenders are also starting to take their share of the market with Spain 6%, China 6%, UK 5%, South Korea 4%, Japan 4%, India 4%, Cyprus 4%, Switzerland, 4%, Hungary 4%, USA & Austria with 3% and Thailand 2%. In total 39 countries were mentioned as medical tourism destinations of interest.

What criteria are important to you when choosing a healthcare provider abroad?

38% stated that distance and convenient location were the primary motivators, 20% regarded the quality and range of services provided. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances accounted for 18%, whilst for 12% the cost of the treatment was the primary factor. Only 9% stated that Doctor’s recommendations were important whilst 3% stated that advertising was the main factor.

What was the primary reason for visiting the Moscow MedShow?

The 3,115 visitors to the Autumn Moscow MedShow provide a representative view of the general market from Russia. 52% of those polled indicated that they were looking for specific treatment abroad, and a staggering 30% indicated that preventative medicine was their prime motivator, a further 10% came for professional interest indicating that the ‘trade’ is recognising the opportunities. 8% were browsers who had come to see for themselves what medical treatments are available.

What was the main aim of your visit today?

46% indicated that the prices for treatment abroad was the main aim of their visit. 17% were obviously the repeat visitors as they stated that there were at the Exhibition to conclude primary and final contracts. 16% represented the new visitors as they stated that they were attending for general information. A further 11% indicated that they wanted to meet medical tourism agencies for assistance with their choice, and 10% indicated that direct communication with Doctors was for them essential.

Were the visitors satisfied with the details provided by the Exhibitors?

96% of those polled indicated that they were most pleased, only 4% indicated that they were not satisfied!

How do you rate the national healthcare system in Russia?

60% of their visitors rated the Russian healthcare system as ‘poor’, 36% rated it as ‘sufficient’ and only 4% as ‘good’.

The Autumn 2015 Moscow MedShow survey interviewed 428 individuals providing a comprehensive cross section of 3,115 visitors over the two days.

The next Moscow MedShow B2C Exhibition will take place in central Moscow 18-19 March 2016. For more information see