Mexico scraps all border rules

Mexico, the world’s most popular medical travel destination throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has now dropped all COVID-19 entry requirements, including health forms. But while it is easy for medical tourists to go to Mexico, there is a significantly increased safety risk due to these open border policies.

Mexico gets most medical travel business from the USA, mostly for low price dental treatment, cosmetic and weight loss surgery, and purchase of prescription drugs. It also gets business from the Caribbean, Canada and Latin/South American countries.

Unlike most countries, Mexico has kept its borders open throughout the pandemic.

The new rules mean the end for the health questionnaire required for all flights, including international flights and domestic flights.

Mexico has 32 states within a four-tier system.

  • Red – Only essential activities are allowed
  • Orange – Stringent limitations on social and commercial activities
  • Yellow – Moderate level of restrictions
  • Green – people can resume their everyday activities

No states in Mexico are red and most are green.  The country has no stated intention of asking tourists or residents for proof of vaccination for private businesses or public spaces. Individual states, however, may introduce proof of vaccination in the future.

Mexico had a COVID-19 surge after removing the regulations. The president tested positive for a second time.