New cancer services for medical tourists to Budapest

The National Institute of Oncology in Budapest, is upgrading its treatment machines for locals and medical tourists.

The National Institute of Oncology in Budapest, the largest cancer centre in Hungary, is upgrading its treatment machines with advanced linear accelerators from Varian Medical Systems.

More than 500 patients a day from across Hungary, Romania and Serbia are treated at the National Institute of Oncology. More than 60,000 new cancer patients are diagnosed each year in Hungary and this is expected to rise to 80,000 per year by 2030.

Two advanced VitalBeam systems will replace older Siemens machines, while a low energy Varian Unique device will replace an older cobalt unit. The new systems are due to be delivered and installed later this year.

VitalBeam is a cost-effective system for offering high-quality, high-throughput radiation therapy, which enables hospitals to expand clinical capabilities and serve more patients with advanced treatment technology over time. The Varian Unique system is the world’s first low-energy radiotherapy system with image-guidance and RapidArc treatment capabilities. Both are making cancer care more affordable and more widely available to patients around the world.