New Dubai medical tourism packages to encourage patient flow

Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) health tourism department is promoting further medical tourism via their latest DXH packages.

Dubai already offers a 90-day medical tourism visa renewable for an additional 30 days.

DHA’s customer facing medical tourism brand, Dubai Health Experience (DXH) is also now promoting a range of medical diagnosis and treatment options through its website. Medical packages from a network of over 65 healthcare facilities offer orthopaedics, eye surgery, dental, assisted reproduction, cosmetic surgery, preventive health check-up, sports medicine, dermatology, weight loss management, surgery and other wellness products and services.

DHA is looking to co-develop preventive health check-up packages for individuals, families and children in the future, working in collaboration with hospitals and clinics in Dubai. It has also paved the way for the emirate to pioneer stem cell therapy for aesthetic and degenerative treatments.

The authority is working on enlisting medical tourism agencies and travel agencies to promote and develop packages for key specialties for specific markets such as dental care, cosmetic surgery and dermatology, and wellness services. It is offering to facilitate access to key healthcare providers in the UAE to be able to develop the packages. It will also provide marketing tools and workshops to enhance market knowledge and awareness towards promoting Dubai as a leading destination for health and wellness tourism.

The DHA says: “Health regulation plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, for both residents and tourists. Our evaluation criteria for the empaneled healthcare facilities for health tourism are very stringent. We have to pave the way for new medical advancements along with Dubai’s growth as a global destination for health tourism. We also ensure that physicians have an ethical, moral and social responsibility, while also providing safe and high-quality healthcare to every individual.”

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