New startup – Portuguese wellness travel agency

New Portuguese agency offers spa holidays, wellness vacations and healthy retreats.

Sara Ismail from Trip for Wellness explains: “People around the globe are taking an entirely new level of interest in their physical and mental health and well-being; so we want to cater to this growing demand. We are the first local travel operator and destination management company of our kind, fully specialising in spa, health and wellness retreats in Portugal for European. We offer a range of programmes in hotels and resorts throughout Portugal.”

Among the Portugal spa destinations available are the coast of Lisbon, the Algarve in the south and the Douro Valley and Porto region in the north. Retreats in the Azores and Madeira Islands are also listed.

Packages cover a number of focus areas, including beauty and anti-aging, which is currently the most popular sector in the wellness tourism category. Weight loss and detox retreats, the second most highly sought-after sector, are also available. A selection of spa and wellness holidays in Portugal offer complementary medical needs, stress management, nutrition, and fitness options.