UAE-India hospital collaboration

RAK Hospital in Dubai has signed a clinical collaboration agreement with Apollo Hospitals Group India.  UAE patients will be able to access medical advice from Apollo specialists, potentially without having to travel abroad.

RAK Hospital is a leading UAE hospital and subsidiary of the Arabian Healthcare Group. Apollo Hospitals Group is the largest healthcare provider in Afro-Asia.

The partnership will cover training, telemedicine services, academics, and laboratory referral services with the aim to cooperatively advance the field of health using the latest medical technology.

There is a need for healthcare providers to collaborate across geographic borders, and such relationships are increasing, in the light of the escalating disease burden and the changing nature of non-communicable diseases.

RAK Hospital has said it believes that international partnerships are vital for expanding clinical capacity. It says the association will be beneficial for patients in the UAE, who will get access to the medical team of Apollo without having to travel abroad.