NMC Healthcare new hospital planned

NMC Healthcare, the largest healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates, plans to open a 70-bed multi-speciality hospital in the Al Khan neighbourhood of Sharjah. The hospital will provide specialised medical services to residents of the emirate of Sharjah and surrounding emirates.

The hospital will start operations tentatively by the end of 2019.

“We are having a prominent presence in Sharjah, first with Al Zahra Hospital, the country’s foremost private sector hospital, and then with our network of over 15 medical centres,” said chief executive and executive director Prasanth Manghat. “This new hospital would not only cater to the underserved community of 25000 families residing nearby but would also serve as a bridge between our medical centres and the tertiary care provider – Al Zahra at Sharjah, thereby completing the continuum of care.”

The hospital includes 20 consultation rooms. The hospital’s pre and p-operative rooms, triage centre, emergency room, labour and delivery suites, ICU, MRI, CT scan, laboratory and pharmacy will be equipped to the highest clinical standards.

Sharjah is aiming to become a key destination in the Middle East for healthcare. For a detailed analysis of medical travel to the UAE, visit the IMTJ country profile.