Official website to build dental tourism

The Vietnam Tourism Dentistry JSC has launched the country’s official website on dental tourism, Vietnam Dental Tourism, in a bid to build Vietnam into a leading dental tourism destination.

The new website offers users information on dental implants, porcelain veneer, teeth whitening and deep cleaning. There are links to dental clinics, travel agencies and medical travel agencies, where some offer dental packages. In some countries such as the USA and Australia, customers will in the future be able to get aftercare in their home country. Links with agencies and hotels are being built.

At launch the site included 16 dental clinics, but no travel or service partners. The latter two categories will be added, as will more dental clinics.

Although there are no official figures, local organisations estimate that the country receives up to 100,000 dental tourists a year and revenue of US$150 million. Most patients are from Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Canada.

The health and tourism ministries are supporting organisations promoting medical and dental tourism, while local sources suggest that fewer Vietnamese now travel abroad for treatment.