Promoting Europe’s thermal towns

The European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) has launched a new campaign to encourage health tourists.

EHTTA’s new campaign: “Rediscover” invites travellers to take up activities again, and to look at the thermal towns of Europe with new eyes.  It’s aim is to raise awareness of the potential of thermal towns to meet the post-pandemic needs of new generations of health and wellness tourists.

The Association is looking to use this campaign to target both consumers and governments.  It states that it has become clear in the gradual unlocking of tourism that thermal towns and establishments are often not high priorities for regional and national governments, despite the clear benefits to health and wellbeing of visiting and staying in a thermal town.

EHTTA President Manuel Baltar said: “Thermal towns will and should be an essential part of our recovery in Europe.  People are drawn to our towns, for the waters and for their healthy lifestyle that feeds body, mind and spirit.  We all need that thermal lifestyle more than ever, to help us recover, and to strengthen our ability to cope with any new challenges that come along.  Thermal towns can provide a solution that people are searching for, and we invite those people to reassess what they think they know about our towns, and to rediscover their charm, their historic roots, their stunning thermal architecture and the health-giving thermal waters.”

EHTTA argues that as people emerge from the pandemic, they have a new set of priorities for themselves, their families and the planet. They are now seeking:

  • Less crowded places with a more restful pace of life.
  • Access to nature and exercise in green spaces.
  • Good local food and drink.
  • Activities that provide stimulation as well as recovery for body, mind and spirit.
  • Prevention of sickness rather than treating illness.
  • Places that are accessible by rail so taking fewer flights.
  • Wellness facilities and treatments with high standards of hygiene.
  • Slow travel and slow food.
  • Longer stays in spa towns.

EHTTA believes that Europe’s Historic Thermal Towns, all built around healing sources of thermal mineral water, have been providing all of these elements – and more – for hundreds of years.