Promoting Germany’s health and spa sector

A couple receiving spa treatment

On the premise that maintaining health is more important than ever, the German National Tourism Board is promoting Germany’s 350 spas and health resorts to international travellers.

The Tourism Board claims that Germany’s spas and health resorts meet the highest quality standards for a healthy and sustainable holiday.

This year, Germany is also celebrating the 200th birthday of the naturopath Sebastian Kneipp, whose teachings are based on hydrotherapy cures. There are more than 50 Kneipp spa towns across the country. In contrast to other spa towns, i.e., mud spas, it is not necessary for Kneipp towns to prove or have natural healing properties. Instead, the required quality standard of the Kneipp cure treatments available has to be met to become certified as an official Kneipp spa town.

The Tourism Board site has a section on spas and health resorts with an interactive map identifying all locations.