Quirónsalud’s commitment to excellence in international healthcare

The health system in Spain is considered one of the best in the world. (A justifiable claim – Spain occupies third place in life expectancy after Japan and Switzerland according to the WHO.)

If we combine this with the hospitality infrastructure, extensive experience, numerous tourist attractions, good weather, a wide cultural offering, leisure and gastronomy, it is not surprising that more and more foreign patients are visiting Spain with the intention of getting medical treatment. Spain receives more than 83 million international tourists, of which a percentage require medical assistance.

In this context, Quirónsalud, the leading hospital group in Spain, together with its parent company Fresenius-Helios, also in Europe, is undoubtedly one of the best options when looking for the best guaranteed results.

A highly specialised healthcare network embracing 125 health centres, 47 hospitals, state-of-the-art medical technology for personalised treatments and diagnostics, a team of highly specialised professionals of international prestige, added to a high level of quality of care confirmed by multiple accreditations and certifications (ISO, Joint Commission International, EFQM, etc.), as well as a portfolio of services composed of all the medical and surgical specialties, allow the Group to address the needs of international patients with a guarantee of excellence and success in treatment and quality.

Special mention should be made of the fact that Quirónsalud has been at the forefront in oncology, building the first Proton Therapy Centre in Spain, as another step in its commitment to innovation, safety and patient care.

This avant-garde medical technology, available in just a few places in the world, where everything is designed in detail to offer each patient the maximum level of comfort and convenience during their treatment is also a space for innovation and research that contributes to the improvement of the results of oncological treatment and the quality of life of patients.

Infrastructure, personnel and the talent to guarantee the best patient experience

Health tourism is one of the “strategic bets” of the group, both for its capacity for growth and for the endorsement that the years working in this area represent, which have made it possible to gather the necessary talent to become one of the reference groups in the sector.

This vision of the health tourist and their needs was what led Quirónsalud to be the first Spanish healthcare company to open a subsidiary in Dubai and to create a young and dynamic international corporate team, focused solely and exclusively on recruiting international patients. In this sense, the more than 600 agreements signed with international insurance companies, as well as the services focused specifically on foreign patients, are of great importance in providing medical assistance of the highest quality, adapted to the preferences and needs of the international patient.

This specific focus on patient needs is one of the hallmarks of the company, reflected in a philosophy – “person-to-person health” – that is not chosen at random, but is a reflection of the commitment, teamwork and daily effort to earn the confidence shown each year by more than 250,000 foreign patients who place their most precious asset in Quirónsalud’s hands: their health and that of their family members, each patient being treated uniquely, according to their needs.

For Quirónsalud, excellence goes far beyond the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies, but extends to all those aspects that accompany the process of healthcare – a culture of the continuous improvement of quality and an emphasis on human values. For the international patient this translates into the understanding of professionals in their own language thanks to a Call Centre, available 24 hours a day, international case managers in the main hospitals of the Group, as well as the importance given to the different cultural and religious sensitivities.

In addition to delivering the best possible healthcare, these professionals will provide the best assistance in terms of service, in comfortable hospitals with a friendly and friendly environment, humane treatment, personalised information at every moment, in the patient’s language and through the most appropriate channel, offering better accessibility and shorter waiting times: a vision of “total quality” in patient care.