New Journal Analyses Acute And Primary Healthcare Services Markets Around The World

Getting to know acute care systems beyond your own and understanding the disconnect between the glossy brochures and healthcare reality is an unenviable task. But it’s crucial for strategic business planning. Healthcare Markets international, the new journal from healthcare business intelligence provider, LaingBuisson, shines a spotlight on the second largest industry in the world. It incorporates IMTJ analysis of global medical travel and the international patient market.

Healthcare Markets international provides invaluable insight on medical and surgical hospitals and clinics, psychiatric hospitals, dentistry, primary healthcare, temporary/flexible staffing and international patient flows. Market analysis in the journal includes interviews with leading names in the sector, in-depth features and business news coverage of major international healthcare groups.

Themed issues, guest writers and unique early access to the intelligence which feeds into LaingBuisson’s leading sector reports, make Healthcare Markets international the must-read publication covering the international business of acute care.

A unique feature of Healthcare Markets international, and the LaingBuission UK publications Healthcare Markets and Care Markets, is the access to healthcare intelligence contained within LaingBuisson’s proprietary database and consultancy teams. This allows the implications of each article to be assessed in the context of underlying trends and emerging market forces.

Download the first digital edition of Healthcare Markets international for free.