Romania transfers patients abroad

Romania is transferring patients with severe forms of Covid-19 to Germany at state expense, according to a decision of the Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU). The country has already transferred Covid-19 patients to Hungary, Poland, and Austria.

Romania’s local healthcare system is struggling with the record-high number of patients in the fourth wave of the pandemic.

A team of German doctors have recently visited Romania to identify patients who could be transferred, which was then conducted using aircraft of the Romanian National Defence Ministry and the German Air Forces.

A medical team from Denmark went to Bucharest to help care for Covid-19 patients at the Matei Balş Institute, one of the city’s main hospitals treating coronavirus cases. A medical team from Moldova has been working at the modular hospital in Leţcani, in NorthEastern Romania.

Romania requested help via the EU Civil Protection mechanism and has received equipment and medicines from Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Austria, France, and Serbia.

Romania’s medical tourism is on hold.