SPA predicts growth of wellness

The International Spa Association’s 2017 U.S. Spa Industry Study indicates that wellness continues to top the list of current spa trends.

Wellness/health/fitness remains, by far, the most frequently cited trend affecting the spa industry.

Members of the International SPA Association report a focus on well-being. The number one reason for seeing an unprecedented growth in spa visits is stress management, which has led to the proliferation of technology and results-driven experiences in spas around the world.

Other trends include the continuing interest in organic/natural products, and often linked to themes around sustainability and local sourcing. Spas saw an increase in the use of alternative treatments and therapies. Also changing is customisation and personalization of spa services to the individual needs of clients and an increased emphasis on events, gatherings and group bookings – often referred to as the social spa.

The spa marketplace has developed and changed with the main trend being brain health. This is not simply about mindfulness, it is about the ways to build up the brain cells using a variety of treatments, supplements (known as Nootropics) and coaching in conjunction with mindfulness to enhance brain performance.

Nutritional and overall lifestyle advice is becoming a more common part of the services provided by spas. More spa guests seek treatments that use purely natural and organic ingredients. The local sourcing of ingredients for spa treatments is another emerging trend.

Spas see high demand from customers embracing an integrative philosophy of living younger longer. In response to this growing anti-aging movement, offers such as a curated selection of advanced, non-surgical facial treatments and procedures combined with pre- and/or post- care treatment — are increasingly available.

With the rising trend in technology-based body scanning and diagnostics, hotels and spas are partnering with top tech brands to elevate the guest wellness experience.

Well & Being has partnered with BodPod, as used by many professional sports teams, to give guests an accurate body composition analysis. As part of the WellFIT program, the spa uses the BodPod in conjunction with oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate assessments to provide recommendations for meal planning and workouts.

More Americans looking for spa experiences have been exploring European clinical based programs. European spas take more of a clinical approach with on-staff medical professionals, and use procedures to detox such as colon cleanses and electro-magnetic cellulite reduction.

Spa trends include digital detox, a rising interest in meditation and mindfulness as part of the spa experience, and an increasing focus on food and nutrition.

The ISPA U.S. Spa study sees more spas using technology with online booking and increasing use of social media and online promotion and marketing.