Spine surgery in Jamaica receives investment for promotion

KIC Ventures is a US venture capital group with a health and technology fund for new investments in high growth opportunities in medical technology and healthcare services.

Boston based KIC already invests in outpatient orthopaedics and spine centres across Florida, as well as several spine technology companies.

Professor Kingsley Chin, the co-founder of KIC, owns the LESS Institute that offers outpatient orthopaedic and spine surgery at 3 clinics in Florida and two in Jamaica- with a focus on global athletes such as Indian cricketer Chris Gayle.

One location for a LESS spine clinic is Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. Here KIC and LESS have teamed up with Jamaican doctor David Walcott to build a medical tourism platform to attract medical tourists to Jamaica for spine surgery. Plans include links between LESS and Sandals Resorts.

They are fundraising for a large outpatient centre concentrating on disc-replacement surgery.  $1 million has been invested in equipment from the USA. They have completely renovated the doctors’ lounge at Andrews. To target local and international patients a new building is needed at the private hospital owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.