Swiss get interactive and straightforward access to healthcare

For the first time in Switzerland, partners from different areas of healthcare will join forces to establish an integrated digital healthcare platform. Officially launching in the Swiss market in Q2 2021, the platform will provide Swiss residents with interactive and straightforward access to healthcare.

The platform is open to all players in the healthcare sector – insurers, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other providers – and aims to deliver higher-quality treatment and more efficient processes. The partners, Allianz Care, CSS, Visana and Zur Rose Group, have provided initial financing for the establishment of a new independent company to create the platform.

The independent company sets a new benchmark in Swiss healthcare, laying the foundations for digitally supported, integrated care across Switzerland. The platform supports clients in organising their personal healthcare at all stages of treatment. Patients have access to individually tailored quality assured healthcare services with a single click. These are available round the clock on a smartphone app.

Once users respond to quick and easy-to-answer general questions on health, they can use a digital symptom checker for an initial diagnosis in the event of illness, request medical support, arrange a doctor’s appointment, order medication or access additional services.

CSS and Visana will offer their members use of the platform along with their insurance solutions.

It is also open to all other Swiss health insurers.

The platform is geared to the needs of service providers who are actively involved in its further development. Physician network MediX is planning to use the platform in the future, as physicians will have a simple, structured, digital interaction with patients and other players along the treatment pathway.

By enabling improved treatment and process efficiency, this new digital customer interface aims to lower healthcare costs and premiums.

The platform will be developed to the highest standards of data protection and security. Healthcare data is stored in a secure environment, independently from insurance companies, where the insured decides who has access to what data. Some of the technology that runs the platform will be new, with the Zur Rose Group contributing its extensive expertise as a technology provider in building up e-healthcare ecosystems.