TCM centre planned in Cambodia

China plans to build a Traditional Chinese Centre in Cambodia to offer more TCM treatment to local patients, while also conducting professional training for local doctors.

China has successfully promoted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) worldwide over the past decade via the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Global TCM cooperation has been expanded in 196 countries and regions and China has signed TCM cooperation agreements with 40 foreign governments and international organisations.

China has set up 30 TCM overseas centres and TCM cooperation has been included in 16 free trade agreements. China also published TCM treatment plans against the COVID pandemic in multiple languages and held 100 live streaming events and webinars on the sector. It introduced the TCM COVID-19 treatment plans to 150 countries and regions, provided TCM products and sent TCM expert teams to countries and regions in need.

The Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine states that Western medicine needs to be further integrated with TCM, and the association has pushed for making standardised guidelines on integrated treatment plans, so that doctors specialising in Western medicine can learn more about the theories of TCM and use them for treatment.