Turkish health attachés planned for target countries

In 2020, Turkey will set up health attachés in countries it has identified as targets. Although not yet formally announced, these are expected to include Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Russia and Ukraine. They will work in partnership with local organisations.

The plan is to establish advanced diagnostics in these health attaches, to carry out follow-ups and check-ups, once these international patients return home after their treatment in Turkey. Further details are due soon, according to the Health Ministry.

Last year, the ministry set up International Health Services Inc. (USHAŞ), owned by the Health Ministry and Finance Ministry. USHAŞ seeks to promote the services Turkey offers in health tourism abroad and it will set up and run the new centres.

Based in Ankara, USHAŞ will also act as accreditor to medical travel agencies, and may extend into health tourism centres and clinics.