Uganda’s spend on treatment in India

The Ugandan government apparently sent 5,000 people for treatment in India in 2016. The secretary to the treasury, Keith Muhakanizi, is quoted in New Vision, saying the government spent US$123m (sh455b) on the treatment of its employees in India alone that year.

In total, the article says the finance ministry confirmed that 8,200 persons applied for medical visas at the Indian High Commission in Kampala in 2016. In 2014, the government spent US$73m (sh270b) on treatment and $113m (sh418b) on travel and upkeep for its patients abroad.

Defending the planned multi-billion hospital project to be established in Lubowa in Wakiso district, Muhakanizi also said the International Specialised Hospital of Uganda (ISHU) would stop the haemorrhage of foreign exchange from Uganda.