UK event promotes Turkey healthcare

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The TRUST-LONDON Medical Travel Event on 21 June in London aims to connect medical travel companies, travel agencies, governmental and private insurance companies in the UK with hospitals, clinics and facilitators from Turkey.

With high NHS waiting lists, and widespread use of social media promoting medical treatment in Turkey, an increasing number of UK medical travellers are travelling to the country for healthcare.

Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for people seeking to have dental, cosmetic, hair transplant, and bariatric (weight-loss) procedures carried out.

The country’s economic crisis has helped depress prices that keep them affordable for Europeans.  This, combined with visa free entry and short flight distances from much of West Asia, North Africa and Europe, all add to the appeal of visiting Turkey for medical and cosmetic procedures.

This growth has also occurred alongside an increasing number of cases where treatment received in Turkey has gone wrong, prompting the UK government to warn against medical travel to the country. The advice, from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, urged UK citizens looking to travel to Turkey for medical treatment, elective surgery and dental procedures to undertake detailed research before travelling.

The event in London on 21 June in London may, however, help to impress on UK companies and patients that Turkey does continue to offer high quality healthcare.

The TRUST-LONDON Medical Travel Event is aimed at both UK businesses and British patients who are interested in travelling for medical treatment in Turkey. During the one day event in Bloomsbury, Turkish hospitals, clinics and doctors will be available to answer questions and offer advice.

“We believe that the TRUST-LONDON event will bring a perfect opportunity for both countries and for patients who look for treatment abroad”, says Levent Baş, TRUST-LONDON Director, “and discussions will be held on how medical business cooperation can be improved between the UK and Turkey”.