Medical tourism potential in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a fledgling member of the European Union, and a country with a seaside nestled at the crossroads between the East and the West, is increasingly becoming a popular tourism destination for visitors from the Gulf. The natural mineral springs and adjacent wellness therapy has turned Bulgaria into a preferred medical tourism spot.

Medical tourism has potential for growth in Bulgaria as the country provides good conditions that meet the demands of Gulf travellers, says Hristo Barutchiev, manager of Rola Complex. On the southern Black Sea coastline, the Rola Complex in Pomorie combines a picturesque view and great climate, as well as mud and saline medical procedures that make it attractive to tourists.

The first Kuwaiti visitors at the Rola Complex are scheduled to arrive in September, when the centre will open. Rola Complex is working with local partners, Kuwait International House, on the logistics for Kuwait’s travellers. There will be a direct charter flight from Kuwait to Bourgas International Airport, 8km from Pomorie. The complex offers a mild climate with cooler summer temperatures in the evenings soothed with a pleasant breeze. As well as the Gulf States, both the complex and hospital are specifically targeting Austrian, German and Israeli medical tourists.
The Rola Complex boasts three different segments that cater to medical tourists – a medical centre, spa and anti-ageing centre, and balneology. Rola Medical Center will offer an IVF service with a proven success rate of up to 65 percent, as well as medical dermatology, including laser procedures for the removal of uneven pigmentation and acne, in addition to other various manipulations. Also, it will provide aesthetic dermatology applying a Brazilian anti-ageing patent, including fillers, surgical lifts, surgery-substitutes and rejuvenating therapies; as well as balneology, kinesiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Unusual specialities include mental health and help in giving up smoking.

Rola Complex features 106 fully furnished apartments and studios in different sizes, half of which have already been sold. Each apartment is fitted with a kitchen, and a restaurant in the complex will offer Arabian cuisine. In addition, customers who own an apartment within the complex are entitled to discount prices in the medical centre.

When completed, some two years from now, adjacent to the Rola Complex will be the most modern hospital in Bulgaria fitted with the latest medical equipment. Black Sea Hospital for Active Treatment will have five operation theatres for cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, transplants, aesthetic surgery and a modern and comprehensive diagnostic centre that will use the newest medical standards. Bulgarian doctor Professor Aleksander Chirkov, who has had extensive experience and practice in Europe and the United States, is now recruiting professionals from leading European medical universities and clinics. Once area it will focus on is a wide range of the latest stem cell treatments.

Apartments and luxury villas will be constructed close to the sandy beach. When completed, the complex will include 4 swimming pools. private beach, bars and restaurants, sport facilities, children’s amusement playgrounds, and even water attractions at the yacht port, as well as yachts offering cruises in the Black Sea.