UK government campaign says seek advice pre-surgery

A UK government campaign to help inform and educate customers about cosmetic surgery has been launched. It aims to encourage people to seek advice before getting procedures done, and the risks of self-help.

The Department of Health campaign seeks to reduce the numbers of patients that the NHS has to treat after botched surgery elsewhere.

It also aims to encourage people to seek advice surrounding Botox, fillers as well as other cosmetic surgery.

Globally there has been an increase in demand that is expected to continue, due to people copying celebrities, ready treatment availability and affordability.

The “Brazilian butt lift” is one of several procedures within the UK and overseas that have gone wrong, often with a detrimental impact on a person’s mental and physical health. The campaign warns about the importance of after-care treatment and dealing quickly with complications.

The Department of Health argues that anyone considering a cosmetic procedure should take the time to find a reputable, safe, and qualified practitioner, and make sure they understand the impact of any treatment on their physical and mental health. It is working to improve the safety of cosmetic procedures, through better training and clear information so that people can make informed decisions.