Work commences on proton beam therapy centre in the UAE

Work has started on the building of the first proton beam therapy cancer treatment centre in the UAE.

Work has officially begun on the construction of the first proton beam therapy cancer treatment centre in the United Arab Emirates. The centre will be known as the Abu Dhabi Proton Centre (ADPC), and will become a part of the Gulf International Cancer Centre (GICC) in Abu Dhabi.

Working as a highly-targeted type of radiotherapy, proton beam therapy can treat cancers that are otherwise hard-to-reach, with a lower risk of damaging surrounding tissue and causing side effects.

Chief Executive Officer of Proton Partners International, Mike Moran, stated“Today marks an important phase in our plans to revolutionise cancer treatment in the UAE and with works officially started, our vision will soon be a reality.

“There is a growing need for proton beam therapy treatment around the world, as it has been shown to deliver significant results for patients. Its effectiveness at lowering side effects compared to traditional radiation treatment, is transforming the lives of many thousands of cancer patients. Currently, there are no centres which offer proton beam therapy in the Middle East, so we are proud that Proton Partners will be the first to be bringing it to the UAE.”

Proton Partners’ chief medical officer, Professor Karol Sikora, added: “Studies have shown that at least 10% of patients who receive traditional radiotherapy would be treated more effectively with protons.

“By offering a variety of cancer therapies, this centre will deliver a fully comprehensive level of cancer care, tailored to fit the different needs of each patient – something which is not available in the UAE at the moment.”

The centre will be situated on a site provided by SBK Holding LLC, the Holding Company of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, advisor to the President of the United Arab Emirates. He added: “As today marks an important phase in our plans to revolutionize cancer treatment in the UAE and Middle East Region, we aim to provide a world-class medical treatment for all cancer patients.

“Driven by patient-friendly technology, high-quality medical facilities and proven results we give patients hope again.

“This will add to the numerous advantages the UAE has that makes it a prime destination for medical tourists.”